thrawn: alliances

Kimmund deduces that the freighter had come to Batuu for a pick-up and reports that the ship's entire computer system had been wiped clean. He also acknowledges that the Chiss are on the verge of a civil war as some had already aligned themselves with the Grysk. Star Wars: Thrawn is a Star Wars novel by Timothy Zahn, published on April 11, 2017 by Del Rey Books. Nothing too blatant, just little Easter eggs for those who are familiar with my other books.

While checking the ship's communications systems, she finds out that Duja discovered a Separatist factory on Returning to the present, Skywalker and Thrawn disable the droids guarding the freighter. Thrawn deduces that the Grysks had evacuated their prisoners in a second freighter.

When LebJau warned that there would be miners down there, Skywalker promised to get them out first before proceeding with his mission.

In secret, Vader knows that Darth Sidious was Dooku's true master and orchestrated the construction of the cortosis factory as part of his preparations for Thrawn fears the Grysk will become a major threat to the Empire.

Inspecting the third remaining house, Vader and Thrawn find ten cylinders used for unfamiliar purposes, which are brought back to the Aboard the ship, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Commodore Faro, Commander Kimmund, and Captain Skerris discuss Kimmund's assault on the alien freighter. Though Lebjau doesn't want to lose his people's factory and jobs, he agrees to help them evacuate the workers. It was published by Del Rey on July 24, 2018. Thrawn deduces that the ship is transporting its goods to a Separatist manufacturing facility. Padmé also informs Thrawn about Anakin's Meanwhile, Anakin chances upon Duke Solha in a section of the factory that produces While navigating their way through the roof of the factory, Padmé and Thrawn manage to recover Skywalker's lightsaber.

The novel is divided into two storylines.

R2-D2 inspects the Questioning their prisoners, Thrawn and Anakin determined that Padmé's handmaid Duja had discovered that the smugglers were using Batuu to smuggle supplies to a Separatist droid factor. Besides droid components, they also discover large quantities of a Meanwhile, Padmé spends several days hiding inside LebJau's boat.

Vader realizes that Thrawn's loyalty is first and foremost with the Chiss, but the Emperor obviously knows and will allow Thrawn to work under Imperial command as long as he is useful. Oenti confirms that Padmé landed at Black Spire and wrote a poem for the deceased Duja. She encounters Duke Solha, who boasts of using the factory's cortosis-infused armor to build his name in the Confederacy. Anakin and Padmé are joined by Thrawn, who reveals that the mysterious fibrous material is Accompanied by R2-D2, Padmé decides to investigate what the Separatist are manufacturing inside the north wing of the factory. They discover that the freighter was transporting alcoholic beverages and gold ingots.

Nodia reveals that the unfamiliar aliens that the Imperials encountered are Thrawn and Vader discuss the captured alien freighter with Captain Skerris and Commander Kimmund. This however does not make up for the lack of engaging side characters that were featured in the previous book, or the dull settting, or the less than satisfying mystery. Thrawn: Alliances, Timothy Zahn’s highly-anticipated follow-up to Thrawn, arrives July 24, 2018, and finds Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader joining forces for a secret mission. However, before their ship had arrived, the landing space had been occupied by Ambassador Padmé's ship.

In fact—apart from a couple of chapters—this might be the only Star Wars novel that Timothy Zahn has written that I would argue you could skip.
Respecting Thrawn, Skywalker invites Thrawn back to Coruscant to meet with After Thrawn leaves, LebJau pleads with Padmé to give him passage offworld since the local people on Mokivj resent his role in helping those who devastated their homeworld.

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